Apple yaipiku Coca-Cola kama ‘Top Brand’ duniani


Tangu mwaka 2000, Coca-Cola
ilikuwa brand namba moja
yenye ubora wa kimataifa lakini
mwaka huu watengenezaji wa
simu za iPhone, Apple
wamekamata nafasi ya kwanza.
Nafasi ya pili imechukuliwa na
Google na Coca-Cola wakitupwa
hadi nafasi ya tatu.
New York Times wameandika:
Apple is the new most valuable
brand in the world, according
to a closely followed annual
report. The report, to be
released next Monday, is from
Interbrand, a corporate identity
and brand consulting company
owned by the Omnicom Group
that has been compiling what it
calls the Best Global Brands
report since 2000. The previous
No. 1 brand, Coca-Cola, fell to
No. 3.
Not only has Apple replaced
Coca-Cola as first among the
100 most valuable brands based
on criteria that include financial
performance, this is the first
time that the soft drink known
for slogans like “It’s the real
thing” has not been No. 1.”


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