Dalip Singh Rana [4] (born 27
August 1972), better known
by his ring name The Great
Khali , is an Indian
professional wrestler , actor,
and powerlifter . He is
currently working for WWE .
He debuted alongside
Daivari and had alliances
with Ranjin Singh and Jinder
Mahal . However he spent
most of his career as a
singles superstar and in
2007 he became the World
Heavyweight Champion.
Before embarking on his
professional wrestling career,
he was a police officer in the
Punjab state police. [7] He
has appeared in four
Hollywood films as well as
two Bollywood films. In 2011,
he guest-starred on Disney
XD show Pair of Kings as the
giant Utog.
Early life
Singh was born in Himachal
Pradesh , India to Jwala Ram
(father) and Tandi Devi
(mother); he is one of seven
siblings . He is a Hindu
Rajput. [8] Although his
parents are of normal
stature, his grandfather was
well over 6 ft 6 inches. [9]
Singh suffers from
Acromegaly , a disease closely
associated with Gigantism
that causes facial
deformaties as evidenced by
Singh’s large brow and
oversized cheekbone

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