Mourinho blames Moyes


Jose Mourinho says Manchester
United manager David Moyes is to
blame for putting Wayne Rooney at
the centre of a summer transfer saga.
Mourinho claims Chelsea only made
their move for Rooney after Moyes
suggested the striker was second
choice at Old Trafford behind Robin
van Persie.
Chelsea are set to return with a third
bid for Rooney following Monday
night’s Premier League clash between
the sides, despite being told the
England man is not for sale.
It was put to Mourinho that he will
not be the most popular man at Old
Trafford in a match where there is an
opportunity to strike an early blow in
the title race.
“Why? They are against me?” the
Chelsea boss said.
“But I didn’t say (to Rooney) you will
be a second choice for me. And they
are against me?
“We are trying to get a player that
the manager told ‘you will be a
second option’. We are not going for
(Robin) van Persie.
“They don’t have to be against me. If
I say Ramires is a second option for
me and he plays when (Frank)
Lampard is tired or injured, if
somebody comes here to get Ramires,
nobody is upset.”
Asked if it is Moyes who was to blame
for the Rooney situation, Mourinho
said: “Of course.”

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